Women dating sites too picky

The study’s co-author, Jessica Strubel, says this gender imbalance could be due to a numbers game.“We don’t know causality of these results, but one possible factor is that there are more male Tinder users than female Tinder users,” Strubel, an assistant professor at the university, tells The Post.This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.“It can be very disappointing if you’re not matching with many people,” says Bekker, who’s based on the Upper East Side and owns matchmaking service Hunting Maven.“My advice is not to look for a confidence boost from dating apps and [to] go into the online-dating world already knowing your worth.” Take former Tinder user Taylor Costello, 24, who says that the dating app made her feel better about herself after men swiped right and showered her with compliments.To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.

They write: "Men see that they are matching with few people, and therefore become even less discerning: women, on the other hand, find that they match with most men, and therefore become even more discerning." In fact, several Tinder users told the researchers as much in a separate survey.A new survey at the University of North Texas found that singles who used Tinder are more likely to have lower self-esteem and feel unhappy about their looks than non-dating-app users.When it came to gender, male Tinder users reported lower self-esteem than females.Bumble, for example, only allows women to message men they're interested in, and not the other way around.Research suggests that women may be more choosy simply because of social norms about men having to initiate contact.

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