Dating someone who wears diapers

Connie isn’t a bad person, STUNG, she was just angry and upset. “His attitude toward trans women was shaped by a culture that treats trans women as either fetishes or punch lines.

I am a transgender woman, and I have my own internalized transphobia that I’ve had to navigate around.

Then you should tell her you’re open to meeting up and talking things out.

And what does Jay think you should do going forward?

He likes me to dress him up and let him pee while wearing diapers, and he likes to dress me up.

I feel “icky” and even violated afterward — though everything has always been consensual.

But I can’t seem to get to a place where I actually feel like I’m enjoying it.“Unless he’s trying to say that trans women are men or that he’d be mortified to be mistaken for a gay person, then emphasizing ‘straight’ is unnecessary.” Also unnecessary: that “but” after “I consider myself a straight guy.” Guys who desire and fuck women exclusively are straight, trans women are women, so no need to drop a “but” before telling us you’ve been sleeping with a woman who happens to be trans. The whole tone of his letter seems to imply that it’s a given that being with a trans woman is innately shameful.But take out all of the conditioned negative associations that some have with trans people, and what are you left with?She reached out to me recently, but I told her to just leave me alone.— Secret Telling Unnerves Nice Guy “Right out the gate, STUNG has to declare his heterosexuality,” said Bailey Jay, an AVN Award–winning trans porn performer, writer, prolific (and hilarious) tweeter, and cohost of The on I know lots of trans chicks who are a total bore in bed — so while something new can be exciting, sex with trans women is not innately kinky because of our bodies.” Vocabulary lesson’s over, STUNG. “STUNG says he feels betrayed by Connie blabbing about their relationship,” said Jay, “but it sounds less like a betrayal and more like embarrassment.

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