Bachelor dating exploit guide her inner professional psycho

Heroes act before thinking, exactly what bad boys are known for, and nice guys, well they get to be the "friends" or ran over in the high speed chase.

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The main male character in almost any movie has a lot of typical bad boy characteristics.

Bad boys will make her feel more senses than anybody else. Bad boys always have layers to them- you'll be peeling that onion all your life.

Women's fantasies, movies, and romance novels are usually based on a rebel or bad boy- a smooth talking, confident, against all odds, survivor and fighter. If you want to know what a woman is thinking as she instinctively spots the bad boy in the room; "I wonder what his story is? A bad boy may give her an awkward compliment or say something intriguing and this instantly draws her in. Men love a good chase and hunt, but women love a good nut to crack, somebody to figure out, and even fix. Women love to make things difficult- it's the truth.

He knows he is good-looking and he knows people are watching him- he can be very aware and selfish.

Even if a bad boy isn't totally gorgeous, his status ("Bad Boy") and attitude alone will captivate any woman.

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