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It is considered to be dormant, rather than extinct, so there is the potential for another eruption.Volcanic fields in Australia It is thought that eastern Australia has been passing over a hotspot as it drifted north, leading to a chain of volcanic activity from north to south.The authors suggest tectonic regimes, imposed compressive (quiescent) and extensional (eruptive), can explain the discontinuous nature of the eruptive activity.There is also volcanic activity associated with the separation of Australia from Antarctica at the breakup of Gondwana, that is not connected to any activity associated with possible hot spots.

The pattern has been found to be more complex than a simple continuum from north to south.

In this area are about 400 small shield volcanoes, as well as explosive vents, that were active from the Tertiary to the Holocene.

Mt Gambier in South Australia is Australia's most recently active volcano, having last erupted about 4,500 year ago.

The youngest volcanic eruptions in Australia occurred in the district of Mt Gambier in southeastern South Australia, near the margin of the continent.

About 5000 years ago Mt Gambier and Mt Schank erupted.

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