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No matter which device you own, Now you can easily capture and make an Amazing slow-motion or fast motion videos all by editing on device. Works with all the cameras on your device so you can now take a cool slow-motion selfie video! That's the only way we can contact you to solve it. Overall though, it is better than other slow motion apps I have tried. It works on all devices and takes very good videos! The only thing is that you have to write an honest review to make the video slower.

Features:- Capture amazing quality slow motion videos with the app (recommended) or import any video from your camera roll- Determine when the slow motion effect starts and when it ends- Select between different speeds (slow/fast)- Select multiple sections for slow motion- Zoom the camera view- Use the app as an extension to the native photo app- Save to camera roll or share to your favorite social network. - Intuitive gallery layout to help you easily select the right video you want to edit or share- Cool design and Intuitive UIEdit your old videos or capture new ones, edit on device and make them great Today! Leaving an issue as a review doesn't help us solve it. We are also on Facebook: https:// Mo Cam________________________________________Customer Reviews: Slow Motion on any device!

G., Massachusetts (February 2016) “I was at home sleeping when I heard a crash.

With this clip, the police were able to positively identify the intruders, who are now in jail for other crimes.” – Guelda M., Washington (November 2015) “Two men broke into my house, and Nest Cam notified me of the activity.

Authorities were able to find and arrest the suspects thanks to the clip.” – Lisa P., New Jersey (April 2016) “Because of the Nest Cam clip, the police were able to positively identify the criminals.

All four burglars have been caught and identified.” – A.

One of the burglars saw it and turned himself in.” – Niki, Texas (April 2016) Your security camera shouldn’t sleep on the job.

Another possible feature to add is the ability to choose between color and B&W films. If you’re into disposable type films and the aesthetic of it, you’ll love this app.

Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see more updates in the app! It does a great job with filters and I find them to be unique, no other app could replicate it imo.

If you guys were to fix this issue than this app would be absolutely perfect.

Take high-quality slow motion videos and edit them easily using your i OS device (fast motion, slow motion, trimming, adding music etc). If you have any issues with this app please contact us from the app store link. I've tried other Slo-Mo apps in the past, but none of them offered "live" Slow Motion like this one does."________________________________________ It's better than other apps because I don't have to pay to use videos from my camera roll, yet it is still annoying because I have to write a review to unlock a filter.

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