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for item in l Raw Data: request Queue.put(item) # Shut down the threads after all requests end.# (Put one None "sentinel" for each thread.) for t in thread_pool: request Queue.put(None) # Don't end the program prematurely.Don't know how much you can get from this -- I stripped out all the network stuff and fake it with randomly generated sleeps, packet sizes, and file sizes (no real files, just sizes to play with). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- import random import threading import time import Queue class Progress Bar(object): def __init__(self, min Value = 0, max Value = 10, width = 10): #width does NOT include the two places for [] markers = min Value = max Value = float(- self.min) self.width = width self.value = def update Value(self, new Value): #require caller to supply a value!self.value = max(self.min, min(self.max, new Value)) def __str__(self): #compute display fraction percent Filled = ((self.value - self.min) / self.span) width Filled = int(self.width * percent Filled 0.5) return ("[" "#"*width Filled " "*(self.width - width Filled) "]" " %5.1f%% of %6s" % (percent Filled * 100.0, self.max)) def download From Web(URL): #this is a dummy routine which merely uses random number #generation to determine "size" and rate of reception of #a file transfer size = random.randint(2**10, 2**15) #"file size" is between 1,024 bytes and 32,767 bytes packet = random.randint(10, 10 (size / 64)) #"packet size is anywhere from 10 bytes to ...The application uses function foo() to download files from the web.As it reads data from the web server, it runs a progress bar by calling an install of a progress bar class.

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Queue() if __name__ == "__main__": #create a random number (between 5 and 20) of download "URL"s URLs = [ "File Number = %3s" % i for i in xrange(random.randint(5, 20)) ] for U in URLs: #create "download" thread for each URL threading.

Here's my problem: I create a Scrollarea, I put in this scrollarea a widget which contains a QGrid Layout.

Hi, I have a small application, written in Python, that uses threads.

He starts from the last position with So far everything is good, I created the stopwatch, an entry field to type the name of the participant.

For the dynamic list I am thinking about to use a borderless table widget with 3 columns and 6 rows.

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