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I say what was that pic you should me there like oh that was take a few years ago. without offering excuses..sometimes, our weight is out of our control for a while. I agree that being healthy is important, and if a person has self acceptance it doesn't automatically mean they let themselves go to pot..

they change the things they can and learn to live with the ones they can't.

Why do women say they are a "few extra pounds" when they are really "QUITE A FEW extra pounds"?

Why do women say they are "average" when they are OBESE?

If you want a woman that weighs about the same as a loaf of bread, then just say that in your ad. My only thing with weight as far as a date is that I like to ride my bike and go hiking and I don't really want someone who can't keep up. I think sportin' 38DDs qualifies me for that category and while I do weigh more than a loaf of bread, I guarantee I could outhike and outbike most of you guys who want a tiny fragile woman. It's your choice and your freedom to go after whomever you want but let's not be hateful and basically call all of us liars who put curvy or a few extra pounds on our profiles.

If that woman views herself as needing to lose a few pounds then she won't answer your email. Plus, if guy is really overweight he may not live a long life. Call me crazy but that's what I want and I want him to live at least as long as I do. About the only other option we have, if we're not slender or muscular is big and beautiful. Some might consider me fat, or obese (by gov't standards my bf is obese at 6'2 and 190# and he is skinny!

It's kinda like real-estate ads - "rustic kitchen" means run-down, "recent upgrades" means they bought a smoke detector.

To me, that's bigger than I am and I refuse to put that on my profile. ) It's all personal tastes anyway, if you don't like fat chicks, don't talk to someone who is "a few extra pounds". My bf says, I'm curvy and soft like a woman should be, I think I'm fat! Ive met girls that have said yes im average or "medium" weight. My job with special education kids keeps me busy and I also walk daily, changed my eating habits and am working on being healthy.

If I WAS big and beautiful then that's exactly what I WOULD put. LOL If you want a thin woman then that's what ya look for right? Well I meet them and there huuuuuuuuuuuuuge im not saying average or medium but huge. I started with the mind with meditation and am focused and aware of where I am going, because to me, if the mind isn't healhty, the rest won't be either.

I don't think people are trying to be dishonest for the most part.

It is just that since most of the population in the US is overweight people assume that is average....average is when you can shop in the regular size clothing at most stores, anything above that you are overweight/considered obese,and you most likely have to shop in the plus size/husky stores/sections of stores.

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