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If I ignored you back then or I was just a dick, my apologies.I was too busy having sex with the hottest girls to notice anyone even existed. I get a kick-ass sense of personal satisfaction from helping guys hook up with the hottest women.The sad fact is that for much too long, many teachers that claim to be world-renowned pickup artists are sucking guys hard-earned money out of their wallets to supposedly show them how to be good with women while hiding an ugly little secret!Here it is: Most of them are NOT even getting laid themselves!Here it is: The Community Is Nothing But A Clueless Group Of Creepy Wannabes! You probably know how it works a pickup guru takes a group of guys usually 3 or 4 out onto the streets or into bars to learn how to approach women.

I was that guy back in high school who was cheerleaders in supply closets while you were in algebra class.

They really didn t see anything wrong with what The Community had taught them because they experienced a tiny bit of mediocre success (which was more then they had before).

But after working with me and internalizing the correct mindset they have all experienced amazing results with women.

And they all say the same thing: Cory, I wish I had known this when I was younger.

Practically overnight, I ve become the pickup guru s pickup guru .

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