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So it's not true." Lee participated in Lift Up America's "Giving Hope Tour," where 1,400 underprivileged kids from all over Los Angeles walked down the red carpet as celebrities cheered them on, and was more than happy to share the limelight. "We want to tell them to celebrate life and to go for everything that they believe in and dream of.

Every job built my career in some way or made me grow as a person or I got to meet someone great.

That's on top of new chapters in the story mode, as you join Commander Iden Versio during the days of the First Order’s rise to power.

While the Legion don't have the massive pop culture profile of the Justice League or the Avengers, they absolutely should, and the Legion comics from the '70s through the '90s were some of the best things DC Comics were publishing."It is not true," Lee said at the Lift Up America charity event in Hollywood on Sept. "It's a rumor and I don't know why people are jumping all over that.Milo will be the first one to tell you that they're 12 years apart.It's a sprawling, sci-fi superhero ensemble book with endlessly inventive concepts.has teased Legion concepts more than once in its first two seasons.

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