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Prosecutor David Meredith said Bago approached and harassed women who were waiting on the station platform, trying to hug them and asking for drugs.He would then grope their breasts or crotch before moving on to his next victim.He then used a large stick to try to attack a driver who stopped to assist her.The court was told Bago had been addicted to alcohol and cannabis at the time, and had also been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder from when he was living in war-torn Sudan. The court heard since these offences he has been living in Toowoomba, where he has been receiving assistance to rehabilitate.

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All three are already serving lengthy sentences relating to the abuse of several boys between 20.Gordon Anthony Allwood, 42, met a 15-year-old girl and her father in Gatton last January when they arrived to offer assistance to flood victims.Allwood spent four months stalking the teenager via indecent text messages, following her to work and watching her when she was out.Ms Maleckas noted Allwood had almost identical offences in his criminal history, which included convictions for aggravated sexual assault and indecent treatment of boys.Former childcare centre owner, member of the famous jewellery family.

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