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I sez to myself: * D' ain' gwine be no weddin' at Hill Top dis Chris'mus.Hit's mo' likely dey's gwine be a fun'al.' I kin see Miss Marg'ret dis ve'y minute es she come down dem styahs, wid her ey*»?Don't you ricollick, I wus wid Marse Hinry when he rid over to Hill Top dat night — de night ole mist'iss died, en* little Miss Bev'ley wus born?Dat wus de las' time Marse Hinry uver seed Miss Marg'ret in her life. I knowed sum'p'n turrible done happen, de minute Major Watkins rid up to de do' ; en' when Marse Hinry come out 'n ole mist'iss* room lookin* lak* he clean wo' out, en* say she dead, en' tell me to git de horses, I ain' even ' ax 'im whar we gwine. En' when I looked into de hall dyah at Hill Top, en* seed Miss Marg'ret comin* down dem styahs, I coaldn* tell which de paler, she er Marse Hinry.CIHM ICIMH Microfiche Collection de Series microfiches (l\/lonographs) (mosiographies) Canadian Instituta for Hiatorical Microraproductions / Inttitut Canadian da microraproductions Itittoriquaa 1994 Twhnical ai Ml Bibliographic Notts / Not M tachniqi Ms et bibliographiqu M Tha Inttituta has anamptad to obtain tha bast original copy availabit for filming.Faaturas of this copy %vhich may ba bibliographically uniqua, which may altar any of tha imagas in tha raproduction, or which may significantly changt tha usual matlrad of filming, arc chackad balow.En* den Marse Robert Underwood, he come in th'ough de side do', 'en Miss Marg'ret's ma say sum'p'n to him, en' he cross de hall widout lookin' at Marse Hinry, en' led Miss Marg'ret out er dyah. "Aunt Anne told me — I mean, /brought it — for Miss Beverley." 'Miss Beverley, eh? Bc Vtill,hen,.ke,youquit." from hu place at the fireside was s. 4b A GENTLEMAN OF THE SOUTH will all his wishes about the estate.

En' when her ma come in, I could heah Marse Hinry pleadin* wid 'er, en' sayin' dat love ought to be stronger dan death. '" "''' ^■'"'"'S''' " I can hardly reahze that ,t .s two years since I was here, it seel now»if.ha,,,,,pp.„^,^„^^^;-- And-IVlonterey? ^ *" "I ^ near ftther when he fell, but I couldn't g^ to h.« „„dl the fight was over. I couldl" write and tell all about it then » ^"ow-and I didn't iirtri-:;r;r "' For":./" """'^' '^^ '■°' ^°"' «-^-" "He spoke first of Bev ley and me Aunt Joanna, and told me he had put intol".

autra qua Waut ou noira) Colourad platas and/or illustrations/ Plaitchas at/ou illustrations an coulaur Bound with othar matarial/ Ralii avac d'autres documants Tight binding may causa shadows or distortion along intarior margin/ La raliura scrrte paut causar da I'ombra ou da la distorsion la long da la marga intiriaura Blank laavas addad during rastoration may appear within tha taxt. Commantairas supplamantairas: L'Institut a microfilm* la maillaur axamplaira qu'il lui a M possibla da sa procurer.

Whanavar possi Ma, thata hava baan omittad from filming/ II sa paut qua cartainas pagas blanchas ajoutias tors d'una rastauration apparaissant dans la taxta, mais, lorsque cala *tait possibla. Las details da cat axamplaira qui sont paut-4tra uniquas du point da vua btbliographiqua, qui pauvant modifier una image reproduite.

ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la mithode normaie de f ilmage sont indiqu As ci-dessous.

□ Coloured pages/ Pages de couleur □ Pages damaged/ Pages endommagias □ Pages restored and/or laminated/ Pages restauries at/ou pellicultes Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ Pages dicolories, tacheties ou piquees □ Pagas detached/ Pages d«tach«es HShowthrough/ Transparence □ Quality of print varies/ Quanta in*gale de I'impression □ Continuous pegination/ Pagination continue □ Includes index(es)/ Comprend un (des) index Title on header taken from:/ Le titre de I'en-ttte provient: □ Title page of issue/ Page de titre de la livraison □ Caption of issue/ Titre de depart de la livraison D Masthead/ Generique (piriodiqucs) de la livraison This item is filmed at the reduction ratio cfiecked betow/ Ce document est film* au tauii d* r Muetion indiqti* ci-deisot K.

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