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Patches and repair-work have been done at various times on the artifact.It was set in a chapel in the 17 It was these photographs which elevated the cloth from relic to sensation.

Habermas, who has been lecturing on the topic since the 1970s, reminded the audience of a number of interesting discoveries that scientists have been able to make about the Shroud, but refused to make any definitive statements on whether this is indeed the authentic burial robe of Jesus Christ.

Further radio carbon dating tests conducted in early 2013 by Padua University scientists established that the Shroud was likely made somewhere between 280 B. And yet, at the same time, the face in the shroud conveys a great peace; this tortured body expresses a sovereign majesty," the Roman Catholic Church leader said.

Habermas, who specializes in research into the resurrection of Jesus, argued that some things are widely accepted about the Shroud, namely that it is indeed a number of centuries old; that it is definitely not a painting, and there are no traces of dyes or pigments; the blood stains have been verified to be authentic; and that the cloth measures a little over 14 feet long, and is over 3 and a half feet wide.

Whichever way (the radiation) is coming, it dragged the image from the inside to the outside."Several members of the audience remarked that the radiation coming out of the body could be seen as evidence of the resurrection, if the man is indeed Jesus.

Much has been written about the Shroud of Turin in recent years, especially following new tests and research on the world-famous burial robe, which is kept at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin.

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