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To assist with this transition, the Military and Veteran Services Center works with various departments to plan and implement educational and social programs to help veteran students succeed at Temple University. Designated by since 2010, Temple University, a proud participant of the Yellow Ribbon Program, provides access to excellence and opportunities for success for military service members and veterans who are admitted to and/or enrolled at Temple.Each school and college, as well as all the key student services departments that provide direct service to veterans, has a designated veteran point-of-contact person to help assist students as well as a veteran academic advisor.

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Temple University is committed to assisting veterans, military students, and their dependents with making a smooth transition from the military to student life. military veterans and active duty service members in their pursuit of a college education.

Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 [email protected] Fax: 215-204-4462 Open Monday–Friday, a.m.– p.m.

Drop in to meet with a career coach for 15 minutes: Monday–Friday, a.m.– p.m.

Click on the Veterans Benefit Declaration link in the Registrar's Channel on TUportal.

Then select the term, choose "yes" under process benefits, provide your credit hours, and click "save declaration." This process notifies the certifying official that you are ready to have your benefits processed for that term.

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