Software purchasing and updating america nude wechat

You can provide Prism to the same users or to new ones - it is completely up to you.

The tables above show the pricing at various quantity tiers, but you can purchase any number of seats from 2 up.

Keep in mind that Prism 7 may not be compatible with future operating systems and upgrades may be required to continue using Prism. If you purchase multiple perpetual licenses on a single order, you will receive a volume discount.

Please note that this option is not a true group license.

If you don’t have an account, click below to set up your subscription.

A subscription license includes all upgrades and works for both Windows and Mac.

You can activate your subscription on up to two computers (one work and one home) that you alone will use.

When you purchase a subscription license, we set up an online account for you to manage your license.

You will be able to authorize users, distribute the software, monitor your usage and purchase additional seats.

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