Who is peter from p square dating

He posted on twitter that he has grown to respect Lola due to fact that she accepted to be his woman when he had nothing.

P-Square biography records show that Peter and Paul Okoye are identical twins, who have performed and released several records under the Square records label.

Here, they say marriage completes a woman, but I don’t believe in that.

And you know, may be in a year’s time, I would be ready to get marriage and if he’s not ready then, we get to go our separate ways. He’s an entertainer, she’s a career girl, but it’s not about that.

Even when a former beauty queen and a struggling rapper allegedly got romantically involved with him, he had to disown her for the sake of his love for Lola Omotayo.

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The musician later posted a photo of his fiancé beaming with smiles and showing off the ring. Cos u don’t.” The couple has, however, not made any disclosure of when they will officially be tying the knot.I know you guys would be bitter with each other now but one thing is for sure, deep down in your heart you can’t stand by and watch anything bad happen to the other neither can you watch your brother go hungry all in the name of hatred but let me remind you that what you hate about each other now is the actions of one another and not the brotherhood.THE BRAND PSQUARE; The truth is bitter but has to be said anyways, you guys cannot continue with the psquare brand anymore you obviously have to move on, but you cannot stop being the twin brothers from the Okoye family so you will need to find a way of coexisting.Please; do not let the beef degenerate to the next generation it will be very dangerous and disastrous for the Okoye clan, you should also note that nobody knew about the okoye family until your love for one another brought you fame and furtune.ABOUT THE FUTURE You should also note that the future doesn’t look so bright after all because of age and so much hate, I can assure you that you both cannot be as successful as the psquare brand, put that at the back of your minds as you go about your individual music career.

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