Urbandictionary dating geek guide to dating

Cuffing / Uncuffing: Cuffing season is usually during winter when people really want to have someone in their life to snuggle when it’s cold.

Uncuffing season is when the weather warms up and people enjoy being single and mingling.

They thrive on the chase rather than looking for the actual relationship.

Similar to Monkeying: bouncing from date to date, relationship to relationship, like a monkey swinging from tree to tree.

I know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now.

Good thing she finally got it together and left that loser!

Ghosting: “The propensity to evaporate into thin air, or more accurately cyberspace, when confronted by situations you don’t want to deal with, people you’d rather not see, or feelings more complex than you care for.” (Mariella Frostrup ‘My New Boyfriend Has Vanished’ April 2016) Hiding accounts/deleting accounts: Some dating apps or sites allow you to ‘hide’ your profile so that it is invisible to others.

Other apps allow you to delete your photo so that you are somewhat incognito. Icing: Defined by Esther Perel as ‘manufacturing a reason to suspend the relationship’ – equal parts anxiety and ego; fastest path to resentment.

(Alex Miles ‘Love Bombing: A Seductive and Manipulative Technique’ 28 January 2016) Match&Chat: kik messenger group that presents fresh faces every day from around the world. My Cougar Dates: Dating app for people seeking older women that syndicates profiles to numerous other sites/pages. Sometimes it is men who are charged and women who are free. Polyamory: Based on the Greek and Latin for “many loves” (literally, love).

Polyamory is often defined as informed consent of all participants or consensual non-monogamy.

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