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Make sure to click on the Profile dropdown menu to update your own profile and add some pics (nudity is not only allowed, it's highly encouraged! FYI, you can easily view ALL member pics in our member pics gallery by clicking Members - Member Pics.CHAT ROOM: Our chat room is a full-featured chat where you can interact with other members, discussing masturbation, orgasms or whatever.Unlike most shoutboxes, it's very interactive and functional. (See the full-page version of the shoutbox here.) Guests can't shout, so you'll need to register to participate. For those that couldn't make it, here are some of the happenings from the game. working flashlights, porn magazines, wine bottles, butt plugs (with bonuses for giving it a handjob), cats (but no rabbits or rats or ferrets*), magnifying glasses (with bonuses given for magnified sexual body parts (they were so big!

SHOUTBOX: The shoutbox is at the top of almost every page here at Orgasmanic. Most of the requests had bonus options for more specific objects/objectives.*), bite-sized candy bars (with one bonus red M&M via Obabe : P), DVDs (with lots of bonus porn DVDs), VHS tapes (and yep, got some porn VHS tapes too), store receipts (with bonuses given for Walmart receipt and porn receipt (we counted HSB's Victoria's Secret receipt)), sex toys (with bonuses for toys you can put a penis into, toys you put inside yourself, and toys that vibrate, lots of points given out on this one! Give me a if you would participate by submitting to the contest. It's still in progress but I think it is close.), something skin-colored (with lots of bonuses given for genitals), expired food items (with bonus for whoever had the most expired item, goth_lover won that with something from 2009?!?! I wanted to open it up for discussion and suggestions.But it would not be until my teens that I would achieve the self-confidence to bring up masturbation in conversation with friends.As to the question of when I became chronic, that is a little bit subtler.

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