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So, affectionate kissing can be a way of manifesting a feeling of nearness, especially if it is brief.

Prolonged kissing, even if done in a tender, affectionate way, is a way of enjoying each other, more than communicating nearness or solidarity.

He went on to say, “Of course a need to satisfy the demands of sentiment [emotional love] makes itself felt, but it is fundamentally different from the need to appease sensuality.

What if the same thing were to happen when he gives her a hug?

This would include French kissing and touching sensitive areas of the body.

In this article I hope to give evidence that French kissing in courtship at any age is sinful, and so is long-term kissing on a couch.

Alas, our culture, especially high schoolers, seems to see kissing as French kissing – period.

They seem oblivious to the tender, gentle, affectionate kissing I knew as a young man.

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