Whose line is it anyway dating game characters

This game centers on the always-hilarious duo of Ryan and Colin Mochrie, as the former usually acting as the “armless” performer and the latter being the one who uses his own arms to provide the movements.

This classic game is filled with moments of Ryan and Colin at their most mischievous, with Ryan often making Colin mix disgusting concoctions with his hands and then Colin making Ryan eat the final result. In this game, the performers acting as the eligible bachelors are supposed to act out bizarre characters, while the contestant, and thus the question-asker, has to guess the identities of his or her potential dates.

While it's not played as often as other games, it's still hilarious.

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I’d link them, but I’m too afraid of being responsible for getting them removed. After watching a bunch of these videos, it led to a debate (with myself) as to who was the best person on .

It started out with Greg and Colin, and Ryan joined later.

Drew proceeded to make fun of Ryan for his "teapot" stance.

Welcome to Watch and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 "Whose Line is it Anyway? For this list, we’re looking at those games that were popular on the original British sketch comedy, and found further success on the American spin-off due to the hilarity they provoke and the often wacky situations they produce.

We can't help but feel sorry for Ryan Stiles when this is being played on the show.

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