Kiefer sutherland dating beauty magazine style editor

Flatliners Stars: Ellen Page, Diego Luna, James Norton.For a large part of my life, I was the youngest person everywhere I went.I was hired to support an editor who oversaw the digital arms of several popular magazines at a competing publishing house.And while my responsibilities were largely of the administrative variety, I began writing pithy one-liners for celebrity photos.The rush of the near-death experience bonds the gang.Holmes' heightened awareness and razor sharp recall encourage them to try it for themselves.Danish filmmaker Neils Arden Oplev (who directed the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), establishes a creepily institutional atmosphere from the get-go.

Related: After a year of interning and freelance assisting, I finally landed my first magazine job—well, sort of.

For the next three years, as I held down a string of jobs in celebrity and fashion public relations, my bosses all gave me the same superlative: "You're such a baby," they'd squeal with a mixture of disbelief and envy.

And though I didn't love my job, I reveled in the idea that I was some kind of wunderkind—the sole William Miller in a sea of Lester Bangses.

But then, at 24, I realized I was in the wrong industry.

I had always wanted to work at a magazine; I just didn't know exactly how to do that.

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