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94% of consumers are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency and 73% of say they would be willing to pay more for a transparent product.

In 1997, having just graduated from college and unemployed, Patrick sat down on a well-used couch with a new laptop (both given to him by his mother), a book on HTML and Javascript, and a copy of Macromedia Flash he had purchased with his last 0, setting out to learn how to design and build websites in order to earn rent money.

The Ag Innovation Showcase is an intimate event that gathers the most influential and forward thinking minds in agriculture to incite industry-changing discussion around key themes.

Adrian is also a member of the Research and Development Executive Committee of Bayer and a Member of the Board of Trustees for the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. With an eye toward innovation adoption, a new generation farmer shares his views on what excites him for the future of his family’s Midwest farm.Whether it is in the heated shop or farm office, the winter months are filled with data and business analysis, machine maintenance and repair or traveling to continued education seminars.As long as we employ a group of people skilled enough to perform the needed tasks, we will complete them ourselves instead of hiring out.As a result, these shoppers turn to the Internet to seek out answers in an attempt to combat the lack of transparency manufacturers provide.The question manufacturers need to ask themselves is: What information will consumers find when they search for my products online?

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