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I don't know if you've ever touched on this or not, but it'd be great to see an article that goes in to the social dynamics and psychology of the 'butterflies' phenomenon.

I haven't thought about this topic very deeply but off the top of my head and without any research I think the occurrence of 'butterflies' is a manifestation of one's anticipation of more good things to come.

what sorts of things a man can do to get women feeling butterflies and anticipation...

and how can a man sense that what he's doing in this regard actually working? The "butterflies in her stomach" (or yours) phenomenon is a pretty common one to love, romance, seduction, and sex.

These are all descriptors that often describe passionate, romantic love.This seems to be something that drives some women crazy and they love it when it happens...It's all subconscious of course so they may not be able to tell you exactly WHY they like it so much." This will open the door without sounding too desperate or afraid. Remember - it's dating - It's supposed to be fun, and try not to take it too seriously!It’s that feeling down in your belly that wiggles and burns, then jumps into your chest as you check your phone for the 10th time for a text from him or her. We think to ourselves, “This person works them up so much, they must be crazy about him or her.” The reality, however, is that pain and anxiety are not signs of passion; they are just pain and anxiety. In the beginning of a developing relationship, you may feel preoccupied with powerful feelings. However, as a relationship builds, those unnerving feelings can be indicators the relationship is not truly serving you.

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