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When linking your decoders in Xtra View, all decoders get all the channels you’re subscribed to.

Example: if you’re subscribed to both DStv Premium and DStv Indian, you’ll get all those channels on all decoders. Example: if you rent a movie on a PVR in your Xtra View set-up, it will only be available for viewing on that one decoder.

Similarly, if you have multiple DStv Exploras in your set-up and they are connected to the internet, you will need to specify the individual decoder when setting remote recordings. Since the launch of Xtra View, we’ve only ever allowed TWO decoders to be linked.

We now allow THREE decoders to be linked in Xtra View under the following conditions: Why is this not being offered on other decoders?

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If you have three decoders linked in Xtra View, the remaining two decoders will stay linked.When setting up Xtra View, you’ll be asked to choose the primary decoder and also nominate which decoder should be the one that gets switched off if the second Access Fee is not paid.You can, however, also nominate which one you want switched off when scheduling your disconnection – just let us have the smartcard number of the one you want disconnected.Older decoder models are not capable of the technical changes required to run three decoders in Xtra View. Originally Xtra View only allowed for two decoders to be linked.The additional Access Fee is charged for the linking of the third decoder.

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