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However I have been called a player, a couple times, those who know me well know this is not true. but I will agree I speak the truth why should i lie or cherry blossom it? I do kind of feel bad for the girl that ends up with tarbender...yes I have a lot of female friends and I am a touchy person, but for me to hop in the sac, with a girl I barely know. I, too, have had trouble with men reading for comprehension.As far as the whole sex goes, well I think that is just the mind set with a lot of pof ers.I am not saying everyone wants sex, however going for a walk in the mall or at the park or whatever, and sit and listen to some people talk about the site, well what is the first thing one says, " man if you need to get laid just go to POF" .... I am on this dating site and there are lots of good looking men but I hear there are so many players.Just do the same get out.littledarling2 this is one example of many and you wonder why men become the way they are.Men get a sour taste for women and resort to just getting what they want and that is it.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. But sparks just happen it is not something we can just GET.

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Most men would strik back and no matter what that is not right.

Just wanted to say do not always judge all men nor men judge all women because of what may have happened to you. I have been a very keen, alert and lucid observer on many so called disposable relationships in the Western Society.

One does not have to be a victim to learn and see the rotton behaviours in the so called relationships .

It just doesn't make sense to lie because on the very first date you'd quickly find yourself with nothing in common.

And what sort of relationship can you build on a lie? Some of them look very candid while others look rather "over the top". :)Generally, it is nice to see a body shot so you know exactly what you're looking at, but one thing I really REALLY like on profiles are headshots with a really sincere smile... Lot of women out there think that they can treat a man any way they want to and it is ok.

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    Though social networking sites like Facebook and My Space have come under fire in recent years as havens for sexual predators, incidents of predators actually contacting teens through these sites are less prevalent than media reports might suggest, according to a study released this week.

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    Mc Kenney, Judge.) (Opinion by Duffy, J., with Bamattre-Manoukian, Acting P. We conclude after a de novo review that Agilent was an interactive computer service provider; as such, it was immune from liability for alleged damages arising out of the cyberthreats transmitted by its employee, Moore. App.4th 796] that Moore sent a number of anonymous threats over the Internet and that he used Agilent's computer system to send these threats. Issues On Appeal Plaintiffs contend that the court erred in granting the summary judgment motion. App.4th 798] 139 [de novo review of "whether a triable issue of material fact exists and whether the moving party was entitled to summary judgment as a matter of law"]; Chavez v. But he followed up with an e-mail to Agilent on July 26, in which he provided a listing of log-in entries for "dreamcaster.txt" where Agilent was the originating IP address; the listing included 25 log-in entries dated between July 12 and July 15.

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    All of us who have experience with camming, either as model or as a visitor, have some pre-expectations about what a cam site should offer and look like.