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FGFR3 correlates significantly with tumour grade, stage and with a bilharzial infestation.FGFR3 gene amplification was reported mainly in low grade and NNMBIC tumours.Genome-wide Cp G methylation was concurrently measured in bisulfite-converted saliva DNA using the Infinium Human Methylation27 Bead Chip (N = 46).Cp G sites from four candidate genes were validated via quantitative bisulfite pyrosequencing.

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Tumour grade was correlated significantly with tumour stage.In particular, hypomethylation of Cp G targets on chromosome X was associated with higher urinary BPA.Using the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database, we identified a number of candidate genes in our sample that previously have been associated with BPA-related expression change.FGFR3 may be further studied as a subject for target therapy of bladder cancer. Mesenchymal-epithelial interactions between normal and transformed human bladder cancer cells. PMid:2713858 di Martino E, Tomlinson DC, Knowles MA.Ashley SF, Soliman SA, Khaled H, Zaghloul SM, Mousumi B. PMid:18188671 PMCid: PMC4274945 Rambau PF, Chalya PL, Jackson k. PMid:23705833 PMCid: PMC3665673 Michaud DS, Clinton SK, Rimm EB. A Decade of FGF Receptor Research in Bladder Cancer: Past, Present, and Future Challenges Advances in Urology. van Rhijn BW, van der Kwast TH, Liu L, Fleshner NE, Bostrom PJ, Vis AN, Alkhateeb SS, Bangma CH, Jewett MA, Zwarthoff EC, Zlotta AR, Bapat B. PMid:22099989 Foth M, Ahmad I , van Rhijn BWG, van der Kwast T, Andre M. PMid:25685453 PMCid: PMC4293882 Abdulamir AS, Hafidh RR, Kadhim HS, Abubakar F. PMid:19243595 PMCid: PMC2650688 Salim EI, Morimura K, Menesi A, El-Lity M, Fukushima S, Wanibuchi H. PMid:18478569 Gust KM , Mc Conkey DJ , Awrey S , Hegarty PK , Qing J , Bondaruk J , Ashkenazi A , Czerniak B , Dinney CP , Black PC. PMid:20542753 Fischbach A, Rogler A, Erber R, Stoehr R, Poulsom R, Heidenreich A, Schneevoigt BS, Hauke S, Hartmann A, Knuechel R, Veeck J, Gaisa NT. PMid:24898159 Copyright (c) 2017 Olfat Hammam, Tarek Aboushousha, Ali El-Hindawi, Hosni Khairy, Heba Khalil, Amira Kamel, Maha Akl, Ahmed Abdel-Hady, Mona Magdy, Mohamed Badawy, Amr El Kholy, Khalid Al Osili, Nora Kamel, Shady Anis, Tarek El Leithy This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License.

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