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She enjoys sharing her passion for music, movement and yoga with the children.When not at school, Vandana enjoys long walks and spending time with her two young children.She practices meditation and says it is the key to her daily life.Vandana received an MBA with specialization in Human Resources and a BS in Environmental Science from St.Joseph’s College of Business Administration, India and holds an American Montessori Society credential in Infant/Toddler through the Princeton Center for Teacher Education (PCTE), NJ.She is also a PCTE instructor as well as the PCTE Infant/Toddler Level Coordinator.I mean, you're old but I'm still–– [Booth stands up and eyeballs him] [hands file over to Booth]Sweets: Perhaps he's a double agent. They're usually intelligent male officers, who had poor father figures resulting in repressed anger and revenge fantasies. [Brennan makes a face] Well, yeah, but it's -- it's a little weird. You're really loaded, and you still don't even have a flat screen.

[Wyatt and Sweets shake their heads] You would've ran too. Man that any one of us would be proud to call a friend. I killed him by going on these airwaves and sharing my rage with you, spreading my rage. Fact is—the fact is that if it weren't for me, he might still be alive. And I remembered something that I forgot over the last few years. My religious beliefs tell me that Christ did not die in vain. And I intend to show that this good, simple man also did not die in vain. Brennan: Because you have forbidden us from taking samples in order to estimate the osteoconductivity of the oblique taphonomic remodeling pertaining to the mid-saggital plane, encephalometric transaction — or translation, if you will — of the intramatrix can be deduced by correlating the force-displacement values with the osteogenic and geogenic hydrogel nanocomposite we placed inside the surrogate. White here from the General Services Administration and we've come to the conclusion that any reports we all write should be carefully worded. Sweets: You disagree with my conclusion that the two of you are in love, and the sublimating energies of that connection are responsible for the energy, vigor, and rigor that you bring to your homicide investigations. Booth: You know when a dentist gives you anesthetic and tells you not to operate any heavy machinery or make any important decisions within twenty-four hours? [Reopens computer] This scan was taken before your operation. The same scan while you were in the coma: lit up like the fourth of July. Avalon: [turns over a card] You were an abandoned child. Brennan: (Also hiding her face with her drink and whispering) Booth, could you maybe trust me for a second, trust that I can say the right thing? And then, you know, the two of them are gonna make up and then they're gonna be mad at me. Booth: [to Sweets] You know, the way you say "very interesting" is very irritating. I'd die for you, I'd kill for you, but I am not getting in the middle of two best friends. You know, our very work shows us that those people that call the world an abattoir, a slaughterhouse, they have a point. The husband comes home, finds the nearest blunt instrument, which is a cast iron frying pan. Conclusion: your feelings are not real and will fade away, like every other symptom. Brennan's hyper-rationale is really just a cover for a very vulnerable and sensitive core. Josh: I will absolutely not turn over to you any information which was entrusted to me by the courageous individual who risked his or her job to aid innocent creatures who are unable to defend themselves. Because her and Angela are best friends and Bones is gonna want me to take her side and agree that Angela was wrong. These skinny guys saying they wanna fondle my kankles and eat brisket out of my navel. Cause of death is drowning and cooking, or vice versa. The mailman is delivering his package to the "lady of the house", if you catch my drift.

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