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And, yes, even our founder has in fact been ghosted and quite honestly, has even ghosted some poor souls herself.While talk of ghouls and goblins is generally limited to October 31st, singles have to deal with Ghosts year round!With Monochrome View, every potential Match you see will have their first photo displayed in black & white.

Knowing that dating is about meeting all different types of people he doesn’t merely heart only the profiles he finds the ‘hottest.’ He is open to engaging in conversations with all different types of League users: the artist, the investment banker, and even the person that’s a few episodes behind on Game of Thrones.After 3 dates is where it gets messy and people get their feelings hurt, but before 3 dates not texting is a pretty obvious signal that you’re not interested.A good rule of thumb is if you’ve gone on 3-7 dates it’s nice to give the person closure and send something along the lines of: “Hey, you’re an awesome person, but I’m not sure we’re the right fit etc.” By this point you’ve probably shared a combined 6-10 hours with this person, so definitely let them know it’s a no-go! Everyone is evaluating different things in typically, a very disorganized fashion.In The League’s opinion, ghosting is acceptable after one or two dates.We’re all busy and trying to juggle dating and matching with someone with 1,000 other things that go on in our daily life.

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