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A well-drained, sandy loam with a p H between 5 and 5.5, containing about 50% humus, is ideal.

is pollinated by birds, such as sunbirds, that insert their beaks into the corolla tube to feed on the nectar at its base, and in so doing, come into contact with the pollen and stigma, and pollinate the flowers.i love Callie, shes my favourite, and i love Erica (not as much as Arizona though) and i love the relationship they both had, but i was just wondering what season/episode was is when their relationship first started?is as an erect shrub, up to 1.8 m tall, with rigid, spreading branches.Once the cuttings are rooted, pot them up into ½ litre plastic bags.Young cuttings must be watered well and kept under shade for a month, after which they are placed into full sun, and can be planted out after 3–4 months. Use a potting medium that is well drained and acidic, containing no manure, and with low levels of phosphate.

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