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CNT are carbonaceous adsorbents with hydrophobic surfaces that exhibit strong adsorption affinities to organic compounds[].Thereby, a combination of chemical and physical interactions play a major role for adsorption processes.A pilot plant with an annual capacity of 60 tons is since 2007 in an operation in southern Germany.Thus, knowledge on the toxic potential of MWCNT is required also regarding the very different nature of various types differing in flexibility or stiffness, varying in length and aspect ratio as well as having different contents of metal catalysts and surface properties.Triclocarban is a high-production volume chemical that is widely used as an antimicrobial compound and is known for its toxicity, hydrophobicity, endocrine disruption, bioaccumulation potential, and environmental persistence.

A decrease of luciferase activity in the ER Calux assay at a triclocarban concentration of 125 μg/L and higher was observed.All MWCNT have a tubular structure with a high aspect ratio and between 2 and 30 concentric cylinders with outer diameters commonly between 30 and 50 nm.The small size and the high surface area define the chemical reactivity of CNT and induce changes in permeability or conductivity of biological membranes[].On the one hand, MWCNT decreased cell viability and induced apoptosis[].One explanation of this controversy is the type of cells used.

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