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There’s woman around 30 who he would like to ask out, but he’s feeling slightly hesitant since it still seems a little taboo for men to date (and marry) older women.

I told him I didn’t think there was any problem with it—what do you think?

Arabic words are either words appear in the sentences and don't have any meaning or indications about the content such as (so ... These tools help Arabic users and English users to communicate in a better way.

The tools solve the complex problem of Arabic language processing by creating a middle language that can be processed easily since it is written in English letters.

Dear Zoe, A young man at my church recently asked my advice about whether I think it’s okay for him to date older women.

He’s very mature for his age (around 24) and would really like to get married, but he finds women his age largely uninterested in marriage.

Arabic Chat Alphabet (ACA) is the way in which Arabic users write their emails or chat. A large part of the text written in the internet Webpages and documents is written in English, Different internet activities uses English language as shopping ,games, news, and educational issues; The tendency of all of documents and sites is to be written in English, rather than any linguistic interface. )or important words that reference the content but with many different shapes: teach is written in Arabic by the four different words (...) (Bassam et al.,2011).But one of the problems with the typical resolution is that it’s usually inherently flawed.We take something we believe we should do— exercise more, lose weight, etc.—and decide this will be the year we finally do it. If you have negative associations with the word "resolutions," it’s better to call them something else like "plans" or "goals" or to re-phrase the whole thing entirely.Arabic language has a very large population all over the world (20 middle east and northern African countries), also Arabic is the official language of Muslims (Beseiso and Ahmad, 2010).The processing of Arabic language has many obstacles as language has many particularities, complex morphological analysis, and hard to identify names or abbreviation since there is no capitalization (Beseiso and Ahmad, 2010).

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