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Were not looking to alter Old School, perhaps well see if we can optimize the experience more.

Will we see a new tutorial (for Rune Scape) or a revamp of Tutorial island for Old School for first-time mobile users and returning players?

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The images of males and females depicted in these games are also often overtly sexual, and many games glorify violence and sexual exploitation.

Its going to be decomissioned, you can do everything on Mobile. Are the current job listings for Unity developers in any way linked to mobile? How can players give mobile the biggest chance of succeeding?

The NXT release beta had a caveat that we arent respnsible. Will we be getting an update to the Companion App with mobile? If youre playing on the bus, tell them youre playing OSRS, not watching porn. Not on the same account, but you can on two different accounts. The new Apple i OS update allows you to stream/record your phone usage. Development/technology catching up with demand for streaming/filming, it's very exciting stuff.

The mobile client for Rune Scape will be available for download in 2018.

The mobile client for Old School Rune Scape will be available Winter 2017. The mobile client is the same game you play on PC, just with a mobile-optimised interface. Well be posting regular Developer Blogs to showcase updates and development of key things such as the interface. Well be selecting players based on account history and on device compatibility.

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