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The latest police sweep saw 20 people arrested last week.

In the southern city of Benin where the raid took place, some locals are outraged.

The women all sent him cash – only for him to transfer the money into the bank account of his wife She added: ‘They were all contacted on the dating site by a man called Timmy Francis who had two profiles under the mottos ‘To Live and Love’ and ‘Charismatic Brit’.

They had contact with him during the period the fraud took place via text message, phone and email.‘He told them he had been a captain in the army.

At least four besotted women have been duped of almost £100,000 by conman posing as a Marine commando in a manner known in Nigerian parlance as yahoo yahoo.It is not known what happened to £4,500 in cash which Adewole kept under his bed and insisted was his.At a proceeds of crime hearing at Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Miss Louise Brandon said: ‘The value of the loss was £98,140 and from that there is an available amount of £2,213.71 but the prosecution have four complainants who lost considerable amounts of money.‘The available items were mainly electrical that the police auctioned off so it would mean getting that money from the auction.A few days later, a man named David drives slowly over cracked roads filled with potholes in this worn-out city. Another man named David said he learned how to do some of the scams years ago, but didn’t go into the business because of heartbreaking messages from people abroad saying they would have to mortgage their homes to pay. He added that if corrupt politicians stopped robbing the people, there would be a functioning economy and jobs - an alternative to Internet fraud.He said young Nigerians are ambitious and some turn to Internet fraud because escaping extreme poverty legally in this town requires serious connections. When asked what the government should do to stop them, the former Yahoo guy said the government can’t and shouldn’t do anything. This sentiment is widely shared in Benin City, and many people are angry that regular guys getting ahead, albeit illegally, could be arrested by police, who are believed to take payoffs from the Yahoo boys.

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