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The camcorder bore witness to the fact that I did fall asleep for twelve minutes forty-three seconds.(when we watched the playback Granny asked me, "Were you that bored? When I opened my eyes, I thought it had only been a prolonged blink.It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny's parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth.

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Granny responded like a Pavlovian dog hearing a bell, - she parted her lips.

Simultaneously my testicles tingled and tightened as the sperm boiled out swelling my cock spurting my creamy essence down her throat. My backside." "Four fingers I could not get my thumb in." "Daddy used to get his hand in my arse, but I was younger then and probably more supple. Feel free to use me -- just don't tear me or cause permanent damage.

My softening partially erect cock was still in Granny's mouth when she pushed me away and spat me out. " She asked, her voice gravelly like a blues singer. Maybe in time you will open me up -- if you want to stretch me like that." "I love it Gran, but what about you -- do you enjoy it? I know stretched and gaped can become permanent -- that is OK!

Unable to resist for any longer, I plunged my tongue into her, tasting her spicy meatiness mingled with, the bland taste of lube, with which her nether regions were liberally coated.

All the while, between orgasms there were periods of stillness, when Granny snored gently having returned to deeper sleep.

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