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Timothy De La Ghetto, Ricky Shucks, Andrew Garcia, and special guest Alpha Cat talk about strip clubs, age being nothing but a number, and interracial dating! More episodes coming your way, so remember to subscribe to Maker Music.

F Chang's Asked you to be my girlfriend, I swear my heart was engulfed in flames Remember you told that I made you feel like you never wanna die And I looked in your eyes, and said I felt the same Never before I had been so sure I had found the one Writing was on the wall..I was smitten Holding your hand shyly as if I needed permission Cupid was a rabid dog and trust me I had been bitten 4 years later we got a place, a car Careers are budding and we both in our own rights have become stars Waited months while you toured like faithful puppy dog Supporting your career yeah I miss you, but go get em doll Then you came home acting kinda different Kinda cold, kinda distant I chalked up to all the travel and maybe all of the distance But you remained persistent with your sudden indifference She said I think I need some space, I'm not sure I said you were gone for two months my love, what could you possibly need space for? Somebody lied She told me things could've told me many months ago That was wrong. SUPPORT If you need a little help with your crew, make sure to visit and check out the FAQs. There’s information on that page to contact our support team.COMMUNITY For the latest news, puzzle tips and info, you can find Alpha Cat on Facebook (https:// Cat Game/), Twitter (https://twitter.com/alphacatgame) and Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/111472241548100658155/ ).This is madness It seemed to happen so sudden it really messed me up Like a flipped coin I just wished that I had a heads up Feeling robbed, I sobbed till no more tears came out me She was my breath so when she left naturally it knocked the wind up out me I'd sit and hypothesize all the reasons why And couldn't shake an overwhelming need to apologize Wake up in a panic and reach for your side of the bed Hoping to talk, but realizing you are no longer there Ignoring Skype and my calls Shock to my system cause in 4 years you had never done that at all They say there's 7 stages of grief, but I swear that there's more Cause I'm stuck somewhere between 2, 3 and 4 It's distorted, but the connections still Both of us tweeting at the same time about nightmares I never thought we'd fall It's a strange feeling to envy another couple that looks like they both got it all Think the grass is greener? You should've watered your lawn I'm sorry, I know, I should've worked harder on Iman Never checked out on you I'm stuck wondering where these incidentals came from Cause this list is a strange one A bad dream?

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