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Six of those students were charged and could face serious legal repercussions for possessing and sharing the photos.

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"I brought this bike up to try and sell it, but that's kind of hard if you can't get it out there." Camaraderie and new friendship is a common reason cited for attending the rally by attendants.

In an increasingly online world, even adults gets themselves into trouble over non-worksafe photos, whether it's celebrities exposed to embarrassment when hackers steal private pictures, politicians sending unwanted "memos" or Marines discharged for circulating nude photos of servicewomen in their units.

The earlier children learn to set their own boundaries and respect those of others, the less likely it is they'll grow up to be their generator's Anthony Weiner.

Kentucky Bike Rally 2017 Good party, kind of different Great show, tons of people. At KBR there is NO nudity up at the main stage/vendor area. The shit that goes down in there has to be experienced, you can't describe it. OTHER CONTESTS : Tattoo contest, Best Campsite contest, Miss Kentucky Bike Rally, Banana Sucking and Pole in Hole contests.

Once a year show, check out their website more info LOCATION : Union County Fairgrounds, Sturgis, KY LIVE BANDS : Saving Abel, Led Zeppin, Stolen Rhodes, Thunderstruck, Whiskey Dixie, Jericho Woods, Big Engine, Earth Quakers, County Wide, Kingsbury Drive ENTRY FEES : Adults only, must be 21 to enter. AMENITIES : Plenty of primitive tent and RV camping.

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