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I mean, read that back: people are honestly offended by something that is basically like the 21st century version of doodling some bunny ears on a picture. Taking the slut-shaming bit specifically – firstly, it’s my Snapchat, so my rules. I’m not going to change my Snapchat filter preferences just because someone I don’t care about is saying they’re basic. A Snapchat filter doesn’t say anything about me as a person. No one wears flower crowns anymore and as much as you’d love to look like a fairy festival princess it doesn’t even have wings so what are you really achieving apart from the 2012 fashion style? These kind of pics are OK but there’s no skill behind it.But also it’s such blatant tinkering – we’re not talking about pernicious Photoshopping on some industrial level, we’re talking about a bit of nice lighting and some dog ears. I’d prefer a pic of a good dress-up or contouring any day.Whenever I’m having a bad hair day or one of those days where your face just looks shit I can get home and throw on some PJs and and instantly feel like a princess. The dog filter – and others, like the Coachella flower crown, or the Emperor crown – make me look prettier.Yeah it’s fake, we all know that, but it’s fun and makes you feel good. It may be “basic” but this pic of me with the puppy face filter whilst next to my boyfriend is not a “thirst trap” nor does it make me a slut. They make my complexion a little brighter, my face probably a little slimmer, and – crucially – they paste some stylised images over the top of my face. It’s pretty astonishing that a furious jury of people online can intellectualise my decision to present myself in this way – I just liked how my cheekbones looked – and say it’s something I’m doing in order to tease men, and that in doing so I’m some kind of ‘thirsty slut’. The puppy one makes me look cute, and the garland one turns me into an angel on earth- why wouldn’t I use them? Although an absolutely adorable filter – this is outdated. The flower crown is a gift to everyone to give them clear skin, the empress crown makes you look untouchable, the dog is perfect for when you look rough, because it basically covers all parts of your face and disguises you as an adorable puppy. They were sent from heaven to cover all sins and make everyone look ethereal, radiant, fitter.I occasionally get sarcastic comments like “your snapchat stories are so long” or “you really do love filters”.It’s ridiculous people are now using what is supposed to be a fun, playful app to slut-shame.

Adding some dog ears does not make you a “slut”, and if you think that you might as well resign yourself to a lifetime of misery and loneliness.

Snapchat filters are enjoyed by a lot of women – my Mum is a big fan and she is far from “basic”.

Guys, if you put a flower crown on your dick pic, it’d probably make it easier on the eyes. One of the main reasons I go on Snapchat is to see the new filter each day, wearing the new filter is like a fashion accessory.

A few days ago a friend remarked about someone’s profile picture “why would you use the basic flower headband filter?

Everyone knows you don’t look that good in a real life.” And here we are again, the term “basic” being a dragged up as a term for girls who like to look attractive, god forbid.

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