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The Archive does not accept the upload of concerts recorded after January 1, 2006 due to the terms of his "American Idol" contract.

Hicks auditioned for American Idol in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 10, 2005.

The lawsuit was dropped when the masters were handed over to Hicks.

Titled Heart Full of Soul: An Inspirational Memoir About Finding Your Voice and Finding Your Way and ghostwritten by Rolling Stone writer David Wild, the book was released in July 2007 by Random House.

In June 2006, Ford Motor Company, the show's major sponsor, signed Hicks to promote Ford's "Drive on Us" year-end sales event.

Hicks also joined his fellow Top 10 Idol finalists on the American Idols LIVE! The members of the former Taylor Hicks Band, formed by Hicks two years prior, regrouped as the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra and shadowed the Idols' tour route.

He played the role of "Teen Angel." Once his 18-month tour in the traveling Broadway show 'Grease' ended, Hicks performed in over 20 live shows.He has recently appeared on TV in Don't Forget the Lyrics and appeared on Celebrity Ghost Stories in December 2010.Studio recording sessions for the eponymous major label debut Taylor Hicks ran in Calabasas, California between October and November 2006, and took six weeks in total.Hicks was named the new American Idol on May 24, 2006, winning the title over Mc Phee, with over 63.4 million votes cast in total.The proclamation was aired to a worldwide audience of 200 million television viewers.

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