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This costs around £250 a day, so 10 days will cost £2,500.

They will then ask the victim to pay, and if they do, the fraudster might also ask them to pay for the flight. "Fraudsters claim they have found a box containing gold, silver, money and jewels (or any one of them) in the desert and have sent it out of the country to set up a future together with the victim," said Action Fraud UK.

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They mobilised a digger to cut a ditch in front of the only entrance to the field, making the area unusable and forcing the group to move on.

Locals blocked the road leading to the field with their cars and dug the trench to prevent more caravans moving onto the site.

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Villagers in Essex resorted to digging a trench around a field taken over by travellers this week to force the group to move on.

Residents of West Bergholt, near Colchester, acted after the group broke the gate and moved their caravans onto the field in the village on Wednesday.

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