Accomodating diversity

This volume marks a step in the direction of rethinking such questions in the Indian context. Cultural Skepticism and 'Group Representation' (Anne Phillips)4.Heterogeneities and Homogeneities: On Similarities and Differences (Anil Bhatti)5." I think it helps to acknowledge that, not just at the start, but also as you're going through.

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And then you can look at picking on one or two of the groups to actually get the answers from them.Accommodating Diversity: Political Outsourcing as a Coalition Strategy in Kerala (K. Political Institutions for Caste and Sex-Based Hierarchies: A View from Colonial India (Rinku Lamba)12.Prudence and Statesmanship in Managing Diversity (Vasanthi Srinivasan)13.How does the presence of diversity impact our understanding of society and formulation of adequate policies?This collection examines the Indian experience of diversity by delineating the policies and institutional arrangements that have been designed to accommodate different kinds of diversities, and highlighting the problems that the chosen path has yielded.

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