Twitter not updating on android

(That’s a hard one to answer in 140 characters or less)." On whether or not he gets overwhelmed: "Not yet, but I sometimes get overwhelmed when I open my Twitter Search RSS feeds and see how many people are talking about any of my cars." On interesting (good and bad) replies: "There were many during the loan hearings with Congress.

It was amazing to see how passionately people were either for or against us." Twitter Name: Scott Monty Ford Official Tweeter: You probably already know Scott Monty, but if you don't you should.

Users have experienced not being able to open the “Me” tab which allows you to access your DMs and switch accounts, important parts of the service.

I’ve experienced this bug from the second that the update was released, and I’ve heard that Twitter is working on the issue.

He's the super friendly and super social head of social media at Ford.

You’re presented with a blank screen and a small spinner, with no information or message that says that the service is having any problems.

If you follow lots of people or have lots of tweets stored up, it may take multiple refresh attempts before you get to the most recent material.

While a handful of theories began to crop up about the reason for the change, a Twitter representative confirmed to staffers first noticed the issue Tuesday morning on both desktop and mobile versions of the service.

Smart brands use Twitter in meaningful ways, and most of them use their brand name as a way to make sure customers can find and recognize them.

This piece, and the knowledge I learned from the incessant hours invested, demonstrate why brands do belong on Twitter.

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