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We were the first “mature lady” dating site on the internet. We were on the market for about two years before any competitor sites started up.Since other sites have started we have maintained our core membership and continued to grow.If at any point you regret signing up then simply cancel your membership and we will not bother you again. The only reason we ask for your real email is so if any women take interest in you and message you while you are off the site, we can contact you to let you know. There are also a lot of divorcees, looking to just get back out there and experience being with a new man for the first time in years.We also get a lot of widows, who decided that life isn’t over just because their partner passed and that they can start to live for themselves again (that sometimes means just sleeping around with a few strangers just to give their lives a bit of a much need boost).So instantly we have two years of additional member than any of our competitor sites. It means there are lots and lots more people for you to meet on our site than any other.Granny uk has over 500 people signing up each day in the UK and more shockingly than that, nearly half of these members are women.

uk has a track record for being the biggest and best Mature dating site on the net.

About a year ago we ask 5000 of our member to fill in a survey and 30% of them said that they had, had sex with someone within two weeks of signing up and 20% said they had had sex with over two partner in the first month!

So this site is not for the light hearted, it is for people who are actively looking for sex.

Each time we find one it goes straight to our site.

Which is probably why people who enjoy them always look here first.

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