Validating persistence model

It also contains * meta-data about the event, such as it's name and a description.

* * */ @Entity public class Event We start by adding an entity to represent the venue.

Secondly, as the description forms the natural identity, we need to make sure the property is always populated.

Storing large binary objects, such as images or videos in the database isn’t advisable (as it can lead to performance issues), and playback of videos can also be tricky, as it depends on browser capabilities.

* * */ @Many To One private Media Item media Item; ...

public Media Item get Media Item() public void set Media Item(Media Item picture) ... Once again, many events can belong to the same event category, and there is no need for an event category to know what events are in it.

Now it is time to begin working on the Ticket Monster application, and the first step is adding the persistence layer.

As a result, you’ll probably find you mostly use one-to-many and many-to-one relationships, which allow building parent-child models. * * * * Adding a media item is optional, and the view layer will adapt if none is provided.Using the object’s identity, or the synthetic identity (database generated primary key) identity can introduce unexpected bugs into your application, so you should always ensure you use a natural identity.You can read more about the issue at And Hash Code.We need to know the type of the media item in order to render the media correctly in the view layer.In order for a view layer to correctly render the media item (e.g.

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