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This allows us to issue more catalogues and feature more items, with better photos and descriptions.

Let us know your email address and we will email you monthly as our catalogues are posted. Twelve superb full color prints measure 16 x 20 were issued as a supplement to the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations in 1983.

Reversible type with black composition back, threaded shank. It consisted of a large spread eagle with shield, with a single horizontal anchor held in the eagle's talons. This is a style of US Coast Guard jacket that was worn only by Coast Guard Shore Establishment personnel during WW2.

This uniform, which was a dark steel grey, cut in the khaki single breasted pattern, was to be a cost-cutting replacement for both the khaki and double-breasted navy blue (black) uniforms.

Life-boat with crossed oar and boat-hook below the initials U. It should also be noted that the Coast Guard accompanied the Navy in the short-lived adoption of a grey undress uniform. Excellent 100% wool jumper as new without ratings or insignia, complete with front button pants. Jumper marked Navy Clothing Depot Size 38 100% wool.

These full color views were intended to be framed and hung in such areas as unit offices, recreation rooms, mess halls and clubs.

Included too is a large booklet with text pages describing each plate and intended also for 10 x 14 framing beside the prints.

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