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Save for e Bay, though, most of the popular shopping sites in Russia are homegrown companies.While the most popular sites are general retail sites that could all claim to be the “Amazon of Russia,” a number of the sites support the brick and mortar operations of Russian companies, particularly consumer electronics firms.You can very well imagine the power of Russia which has 8400 Nuclear weapons which no other country has.Foxes have been domesticated in Russia like dogs since last 60 years.Comparatively, users in Austria spend the most at €2,361.Central European shoppers spend an average of €818.Keep in mind that several online purchases for summer vacation and other seasonal needs were purchased earlier in May and June.July starts the shopping period Many of these major shopping aggregators serve as a great way to enter the Russian market.

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Yandex operates the second most popular retail site in the country, Yandex. The site offers a friendly online shopping interface which conveniently organizes products into popular categories like consumer electronics, computers, household appliances, home and garden, and more. Market or compare prices among a number of partner sites.However, 24% of users are willing to pay more for goods that are produced by brands they know.For Russian online shoppers, 17% find the reputation of the retail site to be important when making their purchase.Others specialize in apparel, the second most popular online retail category in Russia.When it comes to Russian online shopping, 60% of users decide on purchases based on the low prices offered.

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